Our team knows better than anyone how crucial a careful handling of your conference is … Whether it is a small or large group, both require a specific approach.

In addition to the local ‘handling’ of your group, Jan De Ridder has a network of existing conferences. He takes care of the entire process from registrations to organising the entire trip.

Personalised event app

A standard feature included with each of our projects

The Boosting Group has its own app, both for Android and IOS that supports your event with information but also as a “teaser” in advance. It is an easy-to-use app, easy to install and remains active for 6 weeks after your event.

Use it as info- or communication medium, collect photos, and get feedback from your participants.


Kasteel Battenbroek

Battenbroek Castle

The Battenbroek domain lies hidden like a rural oasis between the high dikes of the Nete and the Dijle and the contrasting industrial area of Mechelen-North. In this green setting of trees and meadows in the fertile polders of Walem, part of the municipality of Mechelen, we find the Castle of Battenbroek.

The Castle

The present castle consists of two parts. On the one hand we have the left wing which still dates from 1830. Here we find a salon, library, armory, chapel and music room in typical Lodewijck XVth style. Heavy baroque furniture, oriental carpets and numerous antique sculptures create an impressive atmosphere.

Contrasting with this ‘classical’ part, the right wing is a true gem of modern architecture. This is where the current living space is located.