6 tips for a successful event

1. Speed ​​causes excitement

The participant must not feel bored or taken hostage. So work with a succession of small wow effects to an apotheosis. This is not necessary at the end of the evening: a distinction between the end time and the “event” slot of your event. Watch out for over-kill. But nothing as bad as when your guests leave home halfway …

2. Surprise in catering

Catering is an important part of your event. Provide an experience rather than a luxury: lobster, oysters and champagne are no longer enough to surprise. Show cooking provides both creativity and decoration, animates your guests and avoids long waiting times at the buffet.

3. Opt for an event team + 1

A clear event manager has no other function unless full management and control, but is necessary for the success of your event. Service providers in particular succeed in being slightly understaffed (eg the maître d’hôtel is also included in the service). As the sole point of contact between the customer and the organization, the event manager ensures constant control and adjustment.

4. Use a  a hot spot hunter

It’s no coincidence that we present ourselves as ‘hot spot hunters’. An original location makes you curious, which reduces your no-show number. A location with character is more contemporary than the black box and other hangars and saves a lot of decoration costs.

5. Your event is part of your communication.

A nice invitation with the right teaser campaign in advance ensures excitement, involvement and more attendees. The economic approach of no-show is bigger than you think. With the Boosting Company, we offer much more than the content of your event.

6. Forget theme, go for concept

A concept goes beyond a theme. It is not a stand-alone event story, but responds to the vision of your company, the style and customs of the house and its employees. This concept must go through in the choice of your location, decoration, animation and catering

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